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My photoes and thoughts on crafts, plus a little more of this-n-that. I like knitting, crocheting and needlepoint the best myself.Nice if you leave a comment.

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I am 55, have two girls aged 18and 21.I am Norwegian and my husband is Canadian and we lived in Ontario,Canada for 8 years.For the last 15years we have lived in my hometown in Norway.I am a teacher and I work full time. We have a dog, Emma. She is a brown labrador. Our town is spectacular; situated in a deep valley right by a high mountain.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007


What a lovely spring day we've had here today! I had my mind set on taking my plants out from down in the basement and giving them new dirt and put them in the windows in the living room. 27 PLANTS I HAD!!!! AND I DID IT ALL. But who knows if they are alive. My window sills are packed with plants that look dead or almost dead...!! I sure hope some of them will show off a few leaves by the time we have our confirmation party for my oldest , may 6th or our guests will surely demand an explanation!
Look at this one (actually one of the more promising samples!) Is there hope??? Please leave a comment if you are knowledgeable about these things.
had to leave a little Norwegian name of the plant there..

When I finally had some time to sit down and relax I had my mind on anything else but taking pictures, so this will have to do showing that I took the lawn furniture out and had a coffee out on the porch. But OH WAS THAT GREAT!

I am now going to tell you about a mistake I made that no experienced knitter/felter should do: I bought yarn- sweet and pink. Got the needles out and started knitting what I imagined would be cute slippers -in the end - looking like pink mice- felted, of course. I would send them off to my cousin who just had twin girls.
So now I'm left with these.....
Good ideas for what to do with these two useless pairs will surely be welcomed by me- the idiot!

So now I'm in a hurry, I'm insecure about my capabilities and i'm working on new pairs, this time with some mousie-grey yarn that I had in my stash- and that I KNOW WILL FELT 'CAUSE i'VE DONE IT WITH THIS YARN BEFORE!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New plants

New plants for my window, the two to the left I bought today, the white one to the left is my pride and joy since I was able to get flowers on it for the second time (I'm one of those people who usually say they're able to kill most plants..)
In my back yard these little spring signs are showing up!
("snowbells" and "crocus)

My sister sent me this in the mail today:
(now I have to put my -hopefully- greener-than-before fingers to the test..)

My clever daughter..

...made this stick puppet at school in her arts and crafts classes. Isn't it an amazing doll! She got the highest mark for it, too!

..and I thought I was hooked on surfing hobbyforums on the web..

Here is the great hubby with whom I have some interests in common with due to many years together..: For example:He likes old stuff, such as old cameras....

(here is his collection.He thinks it is as big as it gets. At least that's what he says NOW..)

I like old stuff,too, such as my collection of molded glass

(here is my little collection so far..)

In many other ways we are on different planets: He loves fishing, I like knitting/crocheting/ needlepoint. I used to be the only one a little obsessed with surfing the hobbyforums on the web, though.

But now he has moved in on my territory: he bought himself a vintage Elan snow mobile and then he discovered a forum for these old vehicles- and he hardly lifts his eyes from the computer! My surfing blogs and forums is nothing compared to this! If there are any magazines for vintage snow mobiles out there- and he were to discover it- he would swiftly move in on this other territory of mine I'm sure: interior decorating magazines is my other passion... And he is still off work due to his accident in fall, so he has ample time to cultivate his new interest. In between he cooks us good suppers, I have to add.

All these years together I have spent in charge of most meals, but these days I'm getting served supper after work quite often. I'm liking it! Maybe he is about to really get into this too. Wouldn't that be great for the rest of us?

crochet is my thing right now

I recently bought this book on the internet. I have bought a few books at Tanum's web store and I gotta say: wow, the service is great!
I found this book to have quite simplistic patterns, but I still like it and find it a great inspiration .
In my stash of "stuff" I have some old fabric that I'd like to use for crocheting once I have taken the job of turning it all into strips. Who knows when I'll find the time for that...
Maybe this summer?
I'm on a roll as far as crocheting goes these days. Working on my granny square cotton blanket. Finished the pillowcase to go with it and at night I make a square every now and then while watching TV.
I have done some knitting too, some pink baby slippers that are now in the washing machine for felting. My cousin had twin girls recently and the slippers are a gift. I'll post a picture once I have finished them..

These little crocheted coasters I made years and years ago. I found them in a drawer the other day. As you can see they are stained, so I put them in the washing machine, but unfortunately they seem to be permanently stained. I'll keep them and make a few similar ones, they shouldn't be too difficult to copy even though I don't have the pattern anymore.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


We have been doing some thrifting lately... A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to a nearby town where there was an Antique and Used show. B is collecting box cameras and got a couple there. I just left with two of these plates (that was the start of a little pink collection...)

At the volunteer place we have our knitting cafe every week they opened up a little store in the basement. I found these things to take home:

I also bought this hen for keeping eggs inside. This hen was the reason I went there, but then I got thinking about the plates I got and about the wallpaper in the living room that has a pinkish hue to it when the sun shines- and I bought the two bowls.

AAAND... on Thursday I went to get dog food, but in that store they have a used and antique department in the back and I had seen a set of three tables in the window a while ago.. When I asked about the price there was no doubt: 150,00 kr. B got all excited about my "steal" when I got home.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Not too much crafting to show for...

.. But I have done some new purchases as of late, I can show them off..

Bought new curtains for the big window in the one section of our living room. My favourite interior decorating colours. I love beige, off white, white..
Then I stumbled upon these lamps that I think go nicely with the curtains.I don't often do an
impulse purchase, but this time I did!

Then I sewed (finally!!!) the curtains for the other section of our living room.

A little while ago I organized the cupboard where most of my yarn stash is .Here it is. I am enjoying it while it lasts!

Last night I organized my crafting shelf and my inspiration board. On the board is my three gift card. My oldest gave them to me for Christmas. one is for coffee in bed (have used it), the second is for cooking( have used it!) and the third is for flower arranging (she works at a florist's on Saturdays and some holidays) They are all of indefinite use. Am I a lucky girl!

B is doing good. Still going to physio and swimming and are still off work, but he now walks around with one cruch. He cooked polish perogues yesterday and today he stuck a glass of red wine in my hand after work and made us steak and baked potato, corn, asparagus, mushrooms and onion. My youngest cleanedup after supper and my oldest is vacuumingthe main floor before heading over to the youth club for the evening. All I have to do is walk the dog and drink coffee, more wine, knit and enjoy my Friday night!