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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter = snow + shovel

We had to do a lot of digging this Easter. I wrote about it in the previous post, but here are some photoes to prove it!

First, the snowmobile - and the sled -had to be dug out. I skied (in bad skiing conditions; two step forward one step back... pluss a gruelling windshield ) about 5 km to the cottage with our dog before Bill got the snow mobile dug out and loaded with stuff.

This is the shed seen from the cottage. The snow bank was higher than the roof in some spots- one of those spots was in front of the door. And in the shed there are fire wood and an outhouse!! (we had been smart enough to bring lots of wood onto the cottage last time we were up there so that we can start warming up the cottage right away. A fireplace, a wood stove, a propane tank and two electric heaters got started as soon sas I got there!)

This is our "mining project" . 3 metres down to get the door free of snow. In the end we had put the snow we dug in a big plastic bag and carry it to the top to be emptied. If you look closely you'll see the wall we built out of snow blocks since the winds were strong!
And guess what- when the mining project was over we had a very good nights sleep- and the next day the winds came from the excact opposite direction and started filling the "mining Shaft" with snow!! I was out there pretty quick and a wall built on the other side too.
The next day there were no winds- BUT IT SNOWED! "##¤%%&&
Here's a photo from our living room window at the cottage. The snow mobile is Bills garage project for the last year and a half. Picked apart completely, refinished and put together again!

We had a couple of sunny days in the end, though. We had dug another area half free of snow so we could spend a couple of midday hours outside, made a fire in a little barbecue pot and put hot dogs on a stick to roast! Yummy.

I could tell you a lot of funny stories from that week- some of the best one including our vintage snow mobile, but I will spare you the lengthy descriptions.
But one thing I gotta say: that little thing carried all four of us up a steep hill( and we are not miniature people that's for sure!!), carried all our luggage in, and if something didn't work- all Bill had to do was pull out a screw driver and fiddle for a couple of minutes- and off we went our jolly way again! Good job, hubby!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter holiday

The family is up at the cottage. We have been here since Monday and have mainly been busying ourselves with shovelling!! The winds and the snowing is endless and we fight the elements as soon as we stick our noses out the door. I tried to upload some photoes of the snowmobile barely visible before we got the luggage on in order to go to the cottage and the "miner's tunnel" we had to dig in order to get to the firewood and the outhouse when we arrived at the cottage but am experiencing some problems right now. Will try again tomrrow or Sunday.
I have knitting, croheting and needlepoint in my basket, I've got cross word puzzles and a digital book s well as an old fashioned book to read with me- but I don't do all that much of any of it. Digging is taking up a lot of my time...
But: Holiday means doing something else than what we usually do -some idiot said once. Yeah right. If that's the true definition of a holiday- we're sure having one!
(I will admit however that we are having a good time in between- when we have been to the outhouse, the wood is in the fireplace burning and the freshly baked buns are served...)