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Sunday, September 24, 2006

knitting in the Jungle!

Not only am I pretty ignorant about how to make this blog good - with links etc, but I am having trouble getting it to accept my photoes at times, and THAT is most likely not my fault- sometimes something outside of my ignorant self is causing my cursing and swearing..
But I am all settled for showing you some of my plant-mania today: I have a lot of outdoor plants that was due to come indoors in this nordic climate where you never know when the frost will hit. It's just that i had tried my best all summer to make them multiply- and it turned out to be quite successful. That means that I now have close to fourty plants more in my kitchen/living room than during the summer (I even put some of my regular house plants outside in the summer. They like the "Vacation")
Ir is as if living in a jungle! But many of them are still blooming and the knowledgeable "plant-people" are telling me to keep them upstairs until November. Then they can rest in my basement until February..
This is just ten of them lined up in my one kitchen window (and I only have three windows with sills in this house!!!!)

Some of them are of a more considerable size and had to be given a floor space. Like this one

SOMETHING ABOUT KNITTING,TOO: I got a pair of wrist warmers from my sister last year, beautiful alpacca wool ones. I came across the same colour yarn a couple of weeks ago, so I started on a hat to go with them. Will eventually knit a scarf too...
Slow working, though, size 2.5 needles isn't excactly the tool for a fast project
even though it is a small one..

For Christmas last year I made this for my sister: I have now started one for MOI! I was so torn apart with jealousy over that present, I swore to make my self one. But this time I will do 150 stitches at the most, not 200 like last time. Every round was pretty brutally long lasting with 200 stitches knit/purl- especially purl! Besides. I don't think the left over yarn will last with that many stitches, and I am also making the stirpes a little wider.. Here it is so far...:

Actually I have added another stripe since I took this picture and I am now at about 120 stitches. AND I have what seems to be a little knot on my one tendon in my palm extendig to the one finger. A KNITTING INJURY, FOLKS! On the same hand I have a little blister on my index finger. Could I be overdoing it???

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's about time I pay my public tribute to the wonderful Yarn Harlot whose books I got my hands on while visiting Canada, the lovely country!
There are so many reasons why you should buy her books. I will just mention one for now:
As an avid knitter I find it so sad when I have to go to bed at night..I can't bring my knitting to bed. It is just too uncomfortable knitting while lying down. But now I can go to bed with Yarn Harlots books and read about all the craziness, fun and creativity that derives from knitting. If you don't read her blog on a daily basis you are sure missing out on a lot!
Get into the habit, dear reader.
Here is one of the books I enjoy right now:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Maybe I'll just get some knitting done!

yes; the photo on the previous posting was my daughter in front of Niagara Falls.
I hadn't mention that. Sorry!
This weekend I'm the only one staying at home in this family. My oldest is visiting her cousin,the hubby is at the cottage with friends fishing and my youngest is off to camp school tomorrow morning. Her and i have packed for the trip and I have hemmed four new pairs of pants that she got today. Not my favourite activity but it had to be done.
This means that I might have a few hours to myself tomorrow-before the hubby and my oldest arrives- that'll be weird: being in my house with no one else... not even the dog!(she's at the cottage too.)
Maybe I'll just get some knitting done!!! You would have never guessed that I would choose that, would you!?
Sooooo- what have I accomplished since last time i posted photoes of knitting projects?

These socks were supposed to be my March socks in the sock -along I signed up for in a fit of temporary insanity. I should have known better.

These are the second pair of woolen pants I started for my nephew this spring/summer. They are almost done in this picture- in reality I finished them last night- AND crocheted some extra protection for the knees to sew on if needed.

This is a hat and a scarf made of thick alpacca wool that I found on sale last year. I started some wrist warmers to go along with it, but I started doubting there was enough wool left over so I better undo that...

Am not sure how this little project is going to go, so I better just say it is an experiment for now..( since I was so cocky about the sock-along I mean...)

These are for sitting on outside in the cold autumn weather or in the snow in winter. They are knitted and felted and then I crocheted the edge around it. I did post a photo of them earlier but only blurred so that my sister wouldn't guess what it was. She got them for her birthday so I can show them now..

I do have a couple of more projects I started these past two weeks, but it's getting late and I should go to bed.
Will show them soon....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am alive! Ready to resume regular postings!

Boy, have I been busy since we got back from our holidays and school started. Am starting to get back into the swing of things now, though..
Our vacation in Canada was good, we got to meet the people we wanted to see and spent time with family.Here's a photo of the youngest in front of Niagara Falls.
I did bring knitting along!will post photos of progress on the weekend, promise!

And i bought two books for myself by Yarn Harlot and one for my sister's birthday. GREAT BOOKS!! (I'll get back to them in a later post)
The knitting cafe has started up again, that's nice. Have a few things I have finished and some that I have started since last time I posted. But for now i'll just show off a crocheted tablecloth I made for my mother's round glass coffee table years ago...My fingers were screaming with pain during the last panicky rounds before that Christmas I was giving it to her, the rounds were incredibly long lasting- and in the end I had to wrap the whole thing with the crochet needle in it with a tag saying" will finish it in January!"- which I did. February was spent tending to my poor right index finger who had taken a severe beating using that super thin crochet hook.. not to mention my stressed out shoulder muscles!