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I am 55, have two girls aged 18and 21.I am Norwegian and my husband is Canadian and we lived in Ontario,Canada for 8 years.For the last 15years we have lived in my hometown in Norway.I am a teacher and I work full time. We have a dog, Emma. She is a brown labrador. Our town is spectacular; situated in a deep valley right by a high mountain.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter vacation

I'm enjoying my winter vacation week so much!

We have done a little trip to the neighbouring town, found a newer car to trade in for our older one and will pick up the new one on Friday. We also went to see my aunt and her husband who lives about an hour and a half away from here. Had dinner and coffee there. It was nice to take a little trip out of town.
We are usually at our cottage for winter vacation but Bill needs a few more weeks to be restored enough physically.He is now on the quest for buying a snow mobile by the way. Spending a lot of time on the snow mobile forums on the internet among other things... worse than me with my craft blogs and hobbyforums!

I am trying to get these curtains sewn while I'm off work. Got the fabric on sale and finally got around to buying curtain rods om Monday. Now all I need is to find some matching tassels to tie them back with...When the job is completed I will take another picture of them... I'm not a confident and fast sewing machine- person - and with the winter skiing due on tv from tomorrow and lasting all weekend I cannot guarantee when it will be finished...

Talking about curtains..; I dug up a project I started this passed summer: Crocheted curtains. Have worked on them a little this week since my arms started telling me to slow down my sweater knitting.

I got twenty red roses from my hubby for Valentine's! But I was too late getting a good photo, they had started to wither by the time I thought about it. You're just gonna have to trust me on it!

Last Sunday was "Fastelavn" here in Norway. we had a roast beef that day. Here is a photo of it in the making.
It is customary to bring some twigs from trees into the house, put coloured feathers on them and bake buns and fill them with whipped cream and sprinkle with icing sugar.
We had no feathered twigs in this house but I baked buns. Don't care too much for the whipped cream combination either so we put icing on the buns

As you may have noticed if you come here occationally, I have taken an interest in seeing if I can get better with flowers.. Here is a shot of my orchid that I got to bloom again!! I was proud as a button until I visited my aunt yesterday: She had several- and they had tons of flowers on them. I asked her if she gets them to bloom repeatedly and she said 'of course'! .... well- I'm still proud of mine. I'm sure it's the beginning of a new passion!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not enough with three UFO's in the basket????

No! That's waaaay too little. Now I have started this:

It is a new pair of mitten/gloves like the red and white ones that I finished not long ago. I use those every day , almost, walking the dog. They are so wam!

But that is not enough....

I thought I should try and figure out this technique called "shadow knitting". Bought a book a long time ago, but it has been sitting on my shelf for all this time. I have done one face cloth /hand towel (?)so far... It's okay ,but maybe not the most interesting knitting in the world. (or I am a little impatient....? That's nothing new) I bought some cotton yarn in these two colours on sale a while back; maybe I should make some of these and keep for gifts.

I have started this sweater in Sisik yarn, discontinued colours that I also bought on sale a year ago or so. Don't know yet if it will be a sweater for B or I'll cut it open as a jacket after and keep it for myself. In any case it is damn far to do a round - we're not exactly petite! But the yarn is really light weight and it is perfect for watching TV. I liked knitting on it while The world championship in skiing was on TV this week.

I should mention that it is Mother's Day Sunday today.

I was given coffee and toast in bed by my girls today, and later my oldest made french toast for us all for breakfast. The sweeties; they made me cards with the sweetest words, too.

I am really looking forward to my winter holiday week this year. I am completely at the bottom of the energy bottle, so to speak. One more week and the girls and I are off. I'm planning to hop in the car and get out of town at least once during that week. If the weather is nice we'll do some skiing, bringing the dog, but that all depends on the temperature. Right now it is FREEZING out there and sitting by the fireplace is a lot more tempting.

Both my oldest and B have colds, my youngest is getting over it, and I'm really just tired of chores, work and my everyday hustle and bustle.. Not running by the clock all day long will be nice!

If it wasn't for knitting as a meditative activity I would've gone bonkers by now!

As a reminder of how important it is to get a timeout now and then: here is my dog- who has her own blanket on "her own" couch! That's a girl who knows how to relax!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I managed to put links into my sidebar!!!

I'm so excited that I finally managed to do it- and took the time to make an effort to find out how! So far I have linked to my favourite knitting author; Stephanie McPhee and a norwegian blog that "Virtuella" hosts and the Spanish blog that "Sally" owns. They both have a link to my blog in theirs.


vintage sewing basket

Here is a sweing basket my friend gave me after cleaning out her mother's house a few weeks ago. I love it!
I like old stuff and wish I had time to go to flea markets and antique sales more. But we live in a rather remote part of the Telemark region and you would have to get in the car and drive for at least an hour to go anywhere- and when the weekends arrive I'm usually pretty beat... But when we get closer to summer and B is in shape again we will see if there is a market not too far from here that we can go to just for the fun of it..
Saturday today. My oldest is working as usual but we are planning on going to the pool, all of us, as soon as she is done at two o'clock. Gotta do a little shopping for my mum first, and I might go uptwon to get some more yarn( what a surprise!!)but I'm planning for a slow day otherwise.. B is going to the pool every day now, to excercice in water. He is eager to get better after the accident and the surgeon in Oslo told him the X-rays looked great and he can just go,go,go as far as physio is concerned. Good news!