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Sunday, September 24, 2006

knitting in the Jungle!

Not only am I pretty ignorant about how to make this blog good - with links etc, but I am having trouble getting it to accept my photoes at times, and THAT is most likely not my fault- sometimes something outside of my ignorant self is causing my cursing and swearing..
But I am all settled for showing you some of my plant-mania today: I have a lot of outdoor plants that was due to come indoors in this nordic climate where you never know when the frost will hit. It's just that i had tried my best all summer to make them multiply- and it turned out to be quite successful. That means that I now have close to fourty plants more in my kitchen/living room than during the summer (I even put some of my regular house plants outside in the summer. They like the "Vacation")
Ir is as if living in a jungle! But many of them are still blooming and the knowledgeable "plant-people" are telling me to keep them upstairs until November. Then they can rest in my basement until February..
This is just ten of them lined up in my one kitchen window (and I only have three windows with sills in this house!!!!)

Some of them are of a more considerable size and had to be given a floor space. Like this one

SOMETHING ABOUT KNITTING,TOO: I got a pair of wrist warmers from my sister last year, beautiful alpacca wool ones. I came across the same colour yarn a couple of weeks ago, so I started on a hat to go with them. Will eventually knit a scarf too...
Slow working, though, size 2.5 needles isn't excactly the tool for a fast project
even though it is a small one..

For Christmas last year I made this for my sister: I have now started one for MOI! I was so torn apart with jealousy over that present, I swore to make my self one. But this time I will do 150 stitches at the most, not 200 like last time. Every round was pretty brutally long lasting with 200 stitches knit/purl- especially purl! Besides. I don't think the left over yarn will last with that many stitches, and I am also making the stirpes a little wider.. Here it is so far...:

Actually I have added another stripe since I took this picture and I am now at about 120 stitches. AND I have what seems to be a little knot on my one tendon in my palm extendig to the one finger. A KNITTING INJURY, FOLKS! On the same hand I have a little blister on my index finger. Could I be overdoing it???


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