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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuffy head- season

I've been home from work today. Achy, head ache,weird stomac,sore throat...Tried to get some knitting done, but couldn't get things moving well enough: The mitten is causing me trouble for two reasons. I'm not THAT good and the pattern isn't quite to my liking. It doesn't explain things well enough for knitting idiots like me- so I have to use my brains. And that works,too, but there is always little details I haven't thought of along the way so I have to go back some stitches- or NOT- and settle for a lower level of quality to my craft..
Haven't taken a photo of todays fiddling. Instead I'll show you an improvised needlepoint I've started, meant for putting on a purse I have planned to make out of velvet. I took some scraps of wool from other stitching I've done, found a pattern that I can draw inspiration from and here is the result so far...

Speaking of purses!!! Look what MY SISTER MADE me for Christmas: Am I proud of her or what. Isn't it just the loveliest "Shabby Chic" purse you've ever seen!?


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