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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last week of sick-leave

I have been off work because of B's accident for three weeks and I thought for a while that after the two first week I'd be able to get more time to sit around at home just knitting and -doing nothing. But there's two days left of this work week and I still run around, although not quite as bogged down...
I am at least taking time this morning to blog a little!!!
Went to the knitting cafe last night too, that is always nice.
Beside a Christmas present I'm faithfully working at I'm knitting on this one:

It's made out of the left over yarn from this shawl I made for my sister last year:

...and the pattern is to be found as this:

It's from the book "Fargerik strikk" (colourful knits) by Lisbeth Bjørndal.
If you are about to serve a long prison term or got stranded or a deserted island - and you only got to bring 3 items, I would suggest yarn; Hifa 2, needles size 3 and the book i just mentioned... All WONDERFUL patterns- but you need TIME, sister!!!

I am also working on another sitting pad to be felted, but the knitting is so outrageously boring that it is coming along quite slowly... They are only for us in this family . so no deadlines have to be met, thank goodness.

Bought some remnant Christmas fabric last year, and the other day I made a bag for ...hmm, nuts, maybe?. Have enough fabric for another one, but my last sewing machine needle broke and I haven't taken it out of the cupboard since I bought new ones...

Later this week I'll show the little mailbox surprise I got from my sister last week - and what I sent her back...


Anonymous LivM said...

Sjalet ble riktig flott! Håper det går bra med din mann. God bedring og lykke til, til dere begge!

November 11, 2006 3:47 PM  

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