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Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year- new crafts

It's been a while.... I just don't have much excess energy these days. It's been so busy since Bills accident, my mother was in the hospital again for a while, then Christmas and when I went back to work I noticed that it felt like I couldn't relax even if I wanted to... I better try and take care of myself the next few weeks and see if I can get in tune wiht myself so to speak..
But nevertheless; I have started some new projects:
These mittens are good for me right now; I have to consentrate entirely on the pattern- blocking everything out:

The pattern itself isn't that complicated but the mitten can be opened and flipped back and inside you have gloves with open fingertips. It takes about 7 needles to keep stitches waiting while you knit each finger. A pain in the neck.

I am a member of this web based craft forum "Hobbyboden" in Norway and i asked if anyone had patterns for similar gloves/mittens, so now I have several patterns I can try out.. But first the mitten number one must be finished..
Havve gone back to the knitting cafe after New Years too, nice to be able to pack my knitting and head out one night a week again. Just didn't have time/the energy while Bill were in the hospital.
He's doing good by the way, slowly but surely he is getting more mobile. He is going into the hospital in Oslo for a 12 week post operative consultation on the 25 of this month.
Have also started a couple of more small projects but it's my bedtime and I'll have to show you later. I also would like to presents some Christmas gifts I got - AND LOVE!!- but that will have to wait for later this week too.
I am almost falling asleep sitting here.... oh okay ; this is the "mindless knitting" that will turn into a mitten for scraping the car window; i made three before Christmas, feltet them and gave them away for gifts. This one is for :MOI!!


Anonymous trulte38 said...


Love your mittens, lovely colour and patterns.

Nice to se a fellow Telemarking here,

Hope you`ll have a nice week to come.

Best wishes from Lene

January 17, 2007 10:08 PM  

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