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Monday, November 27, 2006

Gingerbread baking has begun!

Just to let you all know: we have officially started the Christmas preparations in this house, despite our hectic days..
On Saturday I made the dough for gingerbread and I also made a box of "chocolatey rice puff ball- thingys" a lot of Norwegian Moms make to make their kids happy...
On Sunday morning we baked gingerbread from half the dough before we got sick of it and decided to leave the rest for later..
Then we made coffee and brought some of the gingerbread men with us to the hospital to see B.
I am supposed to get the hospital bed and the other stuff he needs on Wednesday so I'm hoping they will let him come home on the weekend at least.... We'll have to see how the doctors respond to that suggestion, i think B will ask them tomorrow..
Please, pretty please, let us have him here just from Friday to Sunday to begin with!!


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