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Sunday, November 19, 2006

New things for the house

Got an aquaintance to frame these pictures for me. Steep price but it will look nice with my old couch I think.. I have moved it into the other living room. we have two new chairs for the other room, but are still waiting for the couch.. It is supposed to come before Christmas.

I bought these little glass cups with frosted rose pattern for 10 kroner (NOK)= next to nothing. I have put them on a glass tray and thought they will be nice for advent- will think of something to decorate the tray with until then..

Last Saturday I went to a fabric sale and got fabric for curtains for the living room that I showed you in this posting. Don't have much time for sewing rihgt now, but I'm sure the room will come together nicely when they are done..
They also had dirt cheap lamps and shades there so I bought two of these:

Yesterday my aunt visited from out of town. We went to see my mother for a while, then we had lunch at my house and spent a few hours just talking and drinking coffee. She likes to knit and do crafts too, so a good part of the conversation revolved around that.
It is Sunday (seems to be the best day for blogging for me,,) and we are puttering around in our PJ's too long and have no intentions of hurrying with anything. We will go visit B in the hospital and bring coffee and gingerbread in early afternoon, but most of the day will be spent slouching on the couch I think. A heavenly thought after a busy week.


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