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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rise and shine...!

Waaaay too early to get up- it's 4 in the morning, but I'm awake and cannot seem to fall back to sleep..
I'll show what my sister sent me in the mail last week:

a cute little heart to hang on the Christmas tree (or any other place). Sending something by mail these days are a rare thing, but that's exactly why it is exciting!
I sewed her a little heart of tea-dyed fabric with the words "God jul" (Merry Christmas)embroidered in red on the one side and "velkommen" (welcome) on the other and with a loop so you can hang it on the door knob if you like.
FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! But it is in the same style as I made these inlast year:

But I do have photoes of the collaged card I made:
Here the front:

...And the back

... and the package/handmade tag:(that says: "Remember this: make art"

I started a sock on Thursday night. Used yarn named "Butterfly". I bought it when I was in Oslo/Røyken on september. It was on sale for 10 NOK (Norwegian currency), it's fuzzy and the right blend for makin socks. Made them for my youngest and we agreed they are perfect for morning/evenings when you sit around in your pyjamas in the wintertime. Started the other one before going to bed last night.

we all went to see B in the hospital after supper yesterday: Brought coffee and cookies (pepperkaker) and tangerines.
When we came home we discovered that the movie "the girl with the pearl earrings was on a swedish channel so we watched that.( I watched it quite intently while knitting socks, the girls on an off until the last half hour, then they got really into it. It was a lot better than what I anticipated.
click on the picture if you want to find out more about the movie.


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