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Friday, November 03, 2006

My previous entry just proves that I'm not quite with it since B's accident...
I never write in Norwegian in this blog but last time I did and I didn't even notice until next time I went in on this site...
It's Friday night, I have NO PLANS tonight other than sitting in a chair, watching TV, having a "Christmas beer" by the fire.Maybe some crafting.. All in all an evening at home aimlessly sitting around letting myself slip into a light katatonic state.
Haven't had an evening like this for so long. Even the walk with the dog was relaxing tonight. These last nights it's just been like anonther chore I have to get done before I move on to the next one- before I run up to the hospital..
The kids will probably not need me for much conversation tonight, but I'm sure they'll enjoy my physical presence in the house at this hour..

Not long ago I received this issue of "Cloth. Paper and Scissors".
Always a great day when that arrives in the mail.

I also bought myself a magnetic pattern board and magnifying glass to use for patterns and needlepoint.

And I got some gorgeous yarn from "Mauds garn", it is imported and hand dyed from Lorna's lace, i think it's called. I rolled it up in balls just so I could feel it run through my fingers. Have NO IDEA what to use it for yet. It's superwash by the way..

Last- but not at all the least: my sister gave me a gift when I was at their house when B was in the hospital in Oslo: LOOK HOW CUTE! A BOX FROM "TILDA". Was that a nice surprise gift or what!!!
It cannot be revealed what's in there.


Blogger Hannesol said...

Er bare innom for å si hei og håper det går bedre med mannen din og dere! Skjønner godt at en blir litt utapå seg selv i en sånn situasjon. Koselig gave du har fått forresten, og garnet kan kanskje brukes til sokker eller skjerf? Ha en god uke!

November 05, 2006 3:33 PM  
Anonymous Birgitte said...

Hvorfor kan ikke det som er oppe i Tilda boksen vises tro? Er så innbilsk at jeg tror det er til meg!!!??? Hilsen hemmelig beundrer
PS; Må vel sende en ny vintagepakke i posten snart vel?

November 05, 2006 4:03 PM  

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