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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back at home

Got back today after spending Tuesday and Wednesday in Oslo last week, then a trip home Thursday and Friday, then back to Ullevål in Oslo Saturday morning. The plan was to stay for the weekend, but my husband had this reaction to everything that had happened (they had told him it always comes after a while if you are a trauma patient) and also responded badly to the drugs so I have been there until today- Tuesday.
He had his surgery on Friday, it took most of the day since he also had to have some skin removed from his thigh and transplanted unto his foot of the "good" leg because of a burn he got being stuck in that car.
Sunday night they gave him a room to himself and I slept there too. That sort of got us over the hump, both of us. He got to go home to the local hospital today, which is a relief. He has to stay in bed for another week due to the transplant that has to be elevated at all times. We were also informed that he has to put no more that 10 kg on his operated leg for three months from surgery date. That is a long recovery...past Christmas actually.
But we have to take a day at a time.
Thanks to everyone who has expressed their sympathy these past few days, also you bloggers with your comments!
I had some hours by the bedside where I knitted and I will show results later this week...


Anonymous Virtuella said...

MASSE god-bedring vibber til mannen din, det var så bra at det gikk så godt sm det gjorde, selv om det nok er litt tøft det hele!
Gode tanker til dere alle!

October 29, 2006 11:53 AM  

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