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I am 55, have two girls aged 18and 21.I am Norwegian and my husband is Canadian and we lived in Ontario,Canada for 8 years.For the last 15years we have lived in my hometown in Norway.I am a teacher and I work full time. We have a dog, Emma. She is a brown labrador. Our town is spectacular; situated in a deep valley right by a high mountain.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Last weekend hubby and I went away for the weekend, we went to this hotel: Storefjell hotell in Hallingdal
we brought the dog, the girls stayed at home by themselves the first night, the second night they stayed at my Mom's.
We enjoyed good meals, good wine, good company (went with two other couples) and a swim in the pool and a glass of wine in the outdoor jacuzzi (with hail in our hair!!!!)There was absolutely every kind of weather many times a day while we were there and on our way home it was wet practically the whole time

But going off together like that is always nice no matter what weather.. Our anniversary is at the end of June and we usually do something special around that time.
Hubby is now in Vietnam and Chorea, talked to him on the phone tonight- he had eaten some bad shellfish and was travelling by plane with an upset stomach! Not good, but during the weekend he has no business meetings so he can lounge in his hotel room all day.Close to a wash room...

The last few days at school was filled with setting up displays of art products, rehearsing little plays we were to show parents, cleaning up in the classrooms and carrying books from here to there... We have however had an entrepeneurship task during this school year; a cafeteria we have run every Thursday where a lot of senior citizens have showed up for coffee, sandwiches, cake and a chat. This has given the school an income. We gave away a third of it to charities, some of them local ones, a third is in the bank and the last third took the kids and us teachers to Bø Sommarland, Scandinavia's biggest waterpark for a day

We didn't have the best weather but the kids got in the water- and stayed there most of the day!
On Wednesday the school personell went for an outing -only one of us knew where She planned it and the rest of us didn't know anything.
We got picked up at school in the early evening by a mini bus (there were ten of us)that drove us up to an area of a neary valley where I've never been before. Halfway we were met by her husband who waited with rose wine and tapas at a place with the most amazing view.

Afterwards the bus took us to a place higher up in th mountains where they keep the cows and sheep grazing for the summer in order to get good milk, cheese and sour creme, a so- called "seter" where we were served a great meal of traditional food, beer and aquavit. I was home at midnight; it was a great evening!


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