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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paroxysmal hemicrania

So I went to se the neurologist and he was pretty certain I had a rare form of headache called paroxysmal hemicrania and I had to be put on a certain medication that will take my symptoms away. So now I have started taking them and they seem to work. I will see him again in six weeks. I'm relieved in a way that it's nothing serious that will debilitate me for life since there is medication for it, on the other hand it may become more or less cronical and that is a grim thought since all anti-inflammatory medication has side effects in the long run. So I'm hoping I'll have long periods of no symptoms- or none at all in the future... I'm choosing to stay optimistic.

The previous post showed some of the presents I got. I tried to take a photo of the pearl earrings I got from my sister and her family, but it did't come out well--- so I'll just have to show my best one....I'm not good with close-ups yet.

Here are the flower arrangements my oldest made for the tables, though:

It's a very warm day today- getting close to 30 degrees Celcius.. We are about to have some barbequed chicken wings and corn on the cob here

Afterwards we are having some cake and cookies with our coffee; it was my husbands birthday last week.

He is going to Greece on a business trip and his flight leaves tomorrow morning. That means he have to leave home tonight, to sleep at the airport hotel tonight. He has spent the day cutting and watering the lawn, ironing his clothes and packing his suitcase.

I've been at my mother's for a while helping wiht the floors in the basement; she had clogged drains and had a plumber come in and open them yesterday afternoon.


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