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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween over. UFO's will be taken care of (slowly!)

I was in on the norwegian forum " Hobbyboden" the other day (am there everyday almost..) and comitted myself - in public- to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects) in the future. Therefore: I started a new scarf to celebrate my decicive mood, namely this one: scarf in "Hubro" yarn.

From that sale stash my sister got me. It will take at least 12 balls of yarn to finish- my oh my!!!

But - UFOs we were talking about:

I committed myself this morning to spend a good part of Sunday night knitting eagerly on this shawl for my oldest. Should be able to finish in the near future...
I have passed the middle it as you can see.

My couple of other UFOs must wait for this one to be finished first.
I'm not so crazily working on Christmas presents this year. Have already finished one little one, and the rest is sort of up in the air so far... or let me put it this way: I'm "brewing" ideas at the moment..
Halloween came and went- we had quite a few little ghosts and witches visiting- and we were armed to our teeth. The girls and I spent Tuesday night carving pumpkins and putting candy in our dish at the door so that we could just get to it after supper on Wednesday.

My youngest has her birthday the day after, and this year was special- she turned 13- so now we have two teenagers in the house.

I made her the card on the photo underneath and we gave her money for a mirror for her room- and probably there will be money left over for some more stuff to put in there, it has recently been painted so she is eager to decorate..


Blogger Anlen said...

Du er flink til å gjere unna UFOane! Godt jobba!

Eg likte kortet til 13åringen også!

November 07, 2007 11:19 PM  

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