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Monday, October 29, 2007

GAAA- one down

Ta-da! I've finished the first block of the Great American Aran Afghan and after a few rows I sort of got the hang of it and needed only to look at the work itself to know what do do.

Now i'm thinking maybe I should knit two similar blocks, one right after the other while it is still fresh in my memory- and I could work simultateously on two afghans (one for each daughter to own). But the yarn probably should be from the same colouring batch (that is probably the wrong expression, but I don't know the proper English term), and that is quite a bit of yarn to pay for!!!! I'll have to ponder that one for a little while....

It's almost time for Hallowe'en, and this year I have bought 4 pumpkins that is waiting to be carved- I really want to attract children! Here in Norway the tradition is quite new so people don't even seem to know what date it is on ...

This felted pumpkin basket I made last year and today I brought it up from the basement.

I got this gorgeous hallowe'en quilt from my sister two years ago. I bring it out every year to keep on the wall in October.

Here are some printing stamps I made recently. The onion i've used on some wrapping paper for presents and the houses I am going to use on wrapping paper for Christmas gifts- as gingerbread house prints... More to follow as Christmas approaches..


Blogger Beate Larssen said...

Så flott den "Afghanern" var. Imponert over de som klarer å produsere nok av dem til pledd.

Du har helt rett. Jeg vet ikke når Halloween markeres, bare at det er i slutten av oktober. Da ungan var små fikk jeg vite det :)

Artige Halloween ting du har laget. Flotte stempel. Er de laget av linoleum?

October 29, 2007 9:22 PM  

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