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Sunday, August 05, 2007

August here- and we've had no summer!

...But what can we do about that? Nothing. Moving on and not thinking about it too much is what I need to do. August might get nice...
I haven't posted since may 28th. Got a little tired of it. keep thinking that I should change to another blog service, but don't give myself any time to explore the options...

I was planning on doing a lot of painting this summer, had several pieces of furniture that I wanted to paint on the porch.. But when everything was wet all the time I moved ito the garage with a couple of pieces- and the rest is still not painted. ( I don't enjoy painting enough to go at it eagerly when it's so wet my glossy white oil based paint doesn't even dry within the 24 hours promised on the can! Here is the bench I painted anyways..: I started in the living room, but it stunk and it was too cold to keep the door and windows open. It will be used for more plants when my outdoor plants move in towards September. here are some of my surviving plants from last summer- not doing too bad this year.. I'm proud as a button!

So how did I spend the month of June?
-I sorted all my wool needlepoint yarn.

Got my hobby cabinets in order, and started a new crochet project : It will be a tablecloth in the end.

Also bought a new tackle box to keep my sewing supplies in.

And for my mother's birthday I sewed this apron that she can fill with stuff when she goes out on the porch (she needs her hands to hold on to the door)The fabric is old, she remembered we had it for a kitchen curtain at the cottage at one time.
I got lots more to tell, but I'll do some more posts in the next few days...
Will only add that my husband is now back to work after having been off since he had the bad car accident in october last year. And he is in fact starting a new job tomorrow! it's with a different company- but the same job, selling valves for maritime use on the international market, but his base will be out of town for three days and home office for two. He used to travel quite a bit, now it will involve a bit more travelling, about 100 days a year. But that's okay we are used to him coming and going like that(- and I don't have a long driveway to shovel in the winter anymore! )


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