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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weather forecast for Sunday: Knitting weather

It's definetly not a day for outdoor activities. It's been insanely windy and rainy since last night- we had a hard time sleeping because of the wind howling during the night..
But for me that is just fine because I have been battling some back problems for more than a week now. First I started getting stiff in my lower back muscles, which has happened before- although not as bad- then it just got so bad on Tuesday morning that my husband had to help me get my pants and socks on. He flew to China /Chorea on Wednesday (business trip) but I was not quite as bad then, and Thurday was the same. I went to work and it seems to help when I kept myself moving about often.
Friday I had very few teaching hours and ended up sitting at my desk for most of the day- not good! But the dog walking at night din't seem to do the trick as usual. Saturday I had a rock hard knot on the right side of the spine and last night I could go to sleep due to the pain/ the wind. Walking the dog just left me in worse pain than ever. So tuoday I decided to keep myself from too much activity to see if that helps. Hence the Knitting Day on my part. And I have gotten far enough on my GAAA's first motif to be able to just look at what I have knitted so far and by doing that be able to see what I'm supposed to do next. I am sooooo impressed with my own impatient-knitting-self! But let me tell you:I have struggled to get here!

Earlier in the week I started this for my oldest: Kitten Mohair is the yarn. A shawl it will be. I can knit and watch TV with this.

She is knitting herself some alpacca wristwarmers with bead on (I'm impressed with you girl!) in the same pale pink colour, but these days she has no inspiration she says, so i started knitting this hoping I could get her started again. But she is definetly one of those girls that goes in and out of knitting -bouts. Either she knits and makes us tea every night or she doesn't touch it! That's ok.

I am also working on this cross stich project and it will be a Christmas runner. Got it for 50 NKR at a sale this summer. Don't know if it will be ready for christmas, but we'll see...

Something I wrote about in my last posting was the Knitty pattern I had started- but I never showed the photo of my three blocks so far. Here they are:

I found this link on You Tube that helped me understand the pattern in English: it's Cat Bordhi's instruction video on wrapping and turning. And it was the forum, Hobbyboden, I'm a member of that led med to that link. Thank you forum people! Getting hooked up with other knitters on the internet is a great thing!


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