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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finishing knitting projects

Just to prove to y'all that I have in fact finished knitting projects - many of them ,too. This one for ex. Made it at least 25 years ago (God, I'm old!!!) And not a word about the fact that I got the photo in here sideways... too tired to fix it.

I feel a little pressured by this blogging to prove that I do indeed finish many things, yet I also have numerous knitting projects laying around unfinished. I work on them , move on to other things, come back after a while... This is just part of what kind of knitter I am! I have another project I can show off(why this need to prove myself?) another day. I's hanging in my closet and it was damn troublesome to work with, but it's in use often.Just you wait; I will take a photo soon..

And just to follow up on this issue: here is how far my shawl has come along since last time a took a photo of it:Almost halfway there!


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