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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Birthday present sent off!

This scarf I sent off to my niece yesterday. She is turning 16 in a few days. Since the yar didn't cost quite as much as we usually spend on presents, I stuck an envelope with the rest inside the scarf... Hope she'll like it.
My oldest daughter bought herself a desk yesterday. She still had money left from Christmas- can you believe it! Both the girls got money to shop at IKEA for their room that year. Bill (my hubbie) spent about 4 hours assemblying the damn thing ,but the two of them has a nice father/daughter time doing it... Today him and I assembled her old closet and stuck it in the storage roo.- Well; shouldn't have done that... We looked around and Bill decided that that room were to be organized and cleaned out -today! (He clearly wasn't quite himself..!haha) So that's how most of the day went. Carrying stuff up to the attic, piling junk in a corner of the rec room,...Guess what we're going to do tomorrow after work: Loading a trailor with junk that is going to the dump. Actually I'm quite content after this ordeal. AND I still had time to work on my two Christmas presents.
Now I' more than ready for a shower!


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