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Location: Rjukan, Telemark, Norway

I am 55, have two girls aged 18and 21.I am Norwegian and my husband is Canadian and we lived in Ontario,Canada for 8 years.For the last 15years we have lived in my hometown in Norway.I am a teacher and I work full time. We have a dog, Emma. She is a brown labrador. Our town is spectacular; situated in a deep valley right by a high mountain.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes the morning coffee tastes more than good- today it's exceptional! I woke up with a regular headache- have to call it that since I am "The Proud Owner" of a rare one too.. But after a walk with the dog around the block and this out-of-the-body-experience- of a-coffee I'm almost as good as new.
Since I gave you a little
"tour" around my town last night I'll follow up with this:Starting in the back street behind my house...

But first I should mention in passing:
I was born in this town, I lived here until I finished high school,

then I moved to Hamar and lived there for 4 years until I had finished my education.

Then I moved back and worked for two years.

Then I was gone again for 3 years- 2 of them I spent in South America

Then I was back and worked for 4 years

- but I had met a Canadian while on holiday in Spain- and so I moved to Canada, North America, got married an had two girls, three step children and a dog. We lived there for eight years.
("These boots are made for walking..? By the way- what the heck am I wearing in this phto.. looks like nothing else I've seen)

Then we moved to my home town thinking this would be the starting point until we found a place in Norway where we both could find work. Turned out we both got jobs here. So here I am.
Why am I telling this tale now??
Because as I walk the dog in the mornings this is what I pass:

And this is where I lived the first six years of my life, in an apartment on the second floor. the whole block is buildings like this and they named it Sing- Sing after it was built. I had happy six years there though! (notice the mountain behind it? This is a very unique town nature wise- and in other ways too..)

I have lived three other places in this town in my life, but now i live here- in a house that is nicely upgraded but is soon to be 100 years old. And we love it! We might be rooted now. Althoug who knows???


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