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Sunday, October 16, 2005

SOME things get done in a flash! (Like mittens)

Most likely this was our last weekend at the cottage before winter comes...
I started a "Flora" scarf this week, but couldn't make sense of the pattern so I made my own version. It's supposed to go with the pink skater hat for my youngest. Aaaand then of course you have to have a pair of mittens to go with the set so I started that too.Here it is laying on the carved craft chest my dad made for me.Nice, isn't it?(the chest, I mean)

The hubbie worked on the car all weekend,so he had to stay at home. All Saturday he fought with seized up, rusted parts without getting anything done. Same thing half the Sunday -but then everything fell into place and now he is outside getting wood to make a fire. He's so stiff it's comical and pitiful. I'm going to settle in by the fireplace with my knitting as soon as this is done.
Us girls in the family spent Saturday afternoon outside my sister's family's cottage (she the neighbour; aren't we lucky?)with a cup of coffee and her fresh, warm cinnamon rolls! sooooo nice!
At night we got together again and made pizza and drank wine/soda - according to which age group we belonged to...
Sunshine all weekend. At night there was a full moon. My oldest took this nice photo..


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