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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Slow morning

I'm having a slow, quiet morning by myself after the girls went to school. I have to take the day off work because I have to see a neurologist in a town 2 1/2 hour drive from here. My appointment is at a time that gives me the opportunity to have a slow mornig before I get in the car.
The MR photoes I went for last Tuesday showed nothing wrong in my head- thank God- but a jaw problem that has to be explored further- hence the appointment today. I have experienced enormous pain in my jaw, teeth and head for months now, for a while fysiotherapy seemed to help, but i'm currently on fairly strong pain killers in order to function in my daily life.. I hope something comes out of today's appointment!
Anyway; my slow morning consists of these lovely activities:

Breakfast with bread out of the oven (half baked from the store I must add!!)


Good coffee in a favourite cup

my new knitting project. It will be nice this jacket I think. only wish I knitted more eavenly than I do.

My favourite interior decorating magazine.

And the last daisy from the garden in the window.
When I get in the car I will enjoy the drive alone with the radio on- something I kind of like at times...


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