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Sunday, May 18, 2008

new project starting soon

Yes , I do have my needle point to keep working on- and I do. While watching Tv (half heartedly) at night. This is how far I've gotten:
The colours on this picture got really DULL for some reason- I'm still a long ways from understanding my new digital camera! But this is how far I am on the craft anyway!
I'm planning a new one: got some yarn samples to take home on Friday: My daughter is going to wear this patterned jacket with a long skirt in the same fabric as we use for our national costumes- this will be for her confirmation next spring- I will sew the skirt and hopefully find some matching velvet ribbons to add to the bottom of the skirt. This is to replace waring a national costume since she doesn't have one or can borrow one that fits well, and a lot of people wear knitted short jackets with traditional brooches (om has several that are from my great grandmother) and long skirts with or without ribbons near the hem.
This is the pattern:

..and I think we have agreed- my youngest and I - that this colour combination will look good on her:

Can't wait to start. You know - if you visited me here before- how I loooove starting new projects.. I'm also very ready for a bigger knittig project instead of little hats, scarves, sitting pads and other stuff along those lines.
Today I have to figure out the gauge and how much you can knit from one ball. This is not the suggested yarn in the pattern, you see, and I better know so I can buy the right amount of the same colouring batch.