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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Antikk og samlermesse i Stavern

Yesterday I drove to Stavern to attend the Antique and Collectors' fair. My youngest came with me which was nice! It takes three hours to get there from where we live but it was nice driving weather, some sun, some clouds, and we had a light breakfast while driving.
I had my eye on some cool zink items for the garden, some enamel jugs and some old wooden boxes that would have been perfect by the entrance- but I thought it unnecessary, really.Can you believe it! I can't. But when there is enamel mugs that would be pefect for wild flowers on the table - but they cost 450,00 NOK (80 USD)the thought "do I HAVE to have this" strike your mind...........
(I'm more in a wool mood these days, fighting the urge to buy yarn and stash it!)
A couple of booths were run by ladies specializing in the shabby chic style, too. Lovely all of it.

My daughter however, found three pairs of sunglasses, 30 NOK each and threw herself over them right away.

On our walk from the parking to the fair we passed to really beautiful old houses and I couldn't resist taking some shots. I love MY house, but these were gorgeous too!!

Here is the one; the flowers are so beautiful.

Here is the other, don't you love these windows!?

we had a hot dog for lunch at the fair but didn't stop for supper until almost 6PM on our way back.. we were really hungry by then! Here C is waiting for her meal.

But once we had eaten everything was good in the world and we felt refreshed after having had a glimpse of the sea (shot taken by C on our way out of Stavern at the end of the day)


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