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Monday, February 06, 2006

I felt tagged by reading someone's blog!

Felt the urge to let myself be tagged by reading this on other blogs:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

1. nurses aid
2. waiting in donutshop
3. teaching flute
4. being a teacher (stuck with that, now!)

Four movies you could watch over and over again.

1 Annie Hall
2. the Birdcage
3. Fairies
4.The Santa Clause (sorry, i’m really a kid at heart!)

Four places you have lived.

1. Rjukan, Norway
2. Atyra, Paraguay
3. Trondheim, Norway
4. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Four TV shows you love to watch.

1. Judging Amy
2. ER
3. Everybody loves Raymond
4. I love Lucy (just had to bring in a classic)

Four of your favourite foods:

1. Norwegian traditional barley soup with salted meat and dumpling
2. polish kielbassa
3. Cesar salad
4. empanadas (trying to show off an international blend here!)

Four places you’d rather be right now.

1. Somewhere where I don’t have to shovel snow!
2. Florence, Italy
3. at an open air market in London, England (and pretend it is summer)
4. In a very deep, old fashioned bath tub with a good book and a glass of red wine. And lots of hot water, of course!

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (sounds cool, but we got mugged!)
2. Spain (yes, cool. Met a canadian there-ended up married)
3. Legoland, Denmark (that’s what happens when you mary and have children)
4. Croatia (that’s what happens when your husband does a lot of businesstrips; you tag along at some point)
Four bloggers you’ll be tagging:
Can’t do that. Haven’t built up any confident blogging relationships yet... Consider yourself tagged if you bothered reading this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vil du låne eller få en kopi av Annie Hallfilmen av meg?? (I bytte med noe?)
Hilsen Woody Allen-fan

February 13, 2006 8:55 PM  

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