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Sunday, February 05, 2006

About time! (?)

I missed FLASH YOUR STASH last Tuesday. I will make up for it by flashing my jars/jug on my kitchen counter. I will try to switch between flashing craft "stuff" and other little "collections" I have.

I haven't posted for some time altogether. Got really frustrated and angry that I can't seem to get the buttons I want into the sidebar, that I am such an idiot with html codes, that i can't get the tagboard to show.. All in all: What was the point!
But when you sit there at night "visiting" blogs it's kinda sad not to work a little on you own, too, so at least I will try to make my posts a little more often. I did ask for help and got some good pointers from.

(check her blog out, it's a very nice one! Thank you "Norway needles")
Haven't been able to work it out EVEN with her very good instructions, though. Looks like the html codes are there for both this and that on the template, but does it show-noooo.
Anyhooooo: Here is how far I have gotten on the woolen pants (my whatch-TV-and-knit project)

I started a branching out scarf in some fuzzy yarn I had in my stash. I already have a hat in this yarn, so I figured I would have scarf and mitts to go with it. I also wanted to see if I could learn how to knit from English patterns. Here is how my first attempt ended up.

Looks right, but got all confused if I took a break in the middle of the repeated 10 rounds. Ha!

Here is the type of yarn. Don't even know if they carry it anywhere anymore...

I have now gotten this far, but I was foolish enought to bring it to the knitting cafe last week. Usually we have a quiet laid back conversation around the table and i figured I could concentrate for ten rounds no problem, but this time we all yacked an laughed constantly- and of course i had to make a TINY mistake that made a BIG difference. So now the scarf and I have been on a break until I have time to sit and study it with no interruptions

Instead I started on the February socks. I DID print out the jay walker socks that Anne Ruth suggested we knit on her SOCKS 2006, but I sometimes get my own ideas on how to do it, besides I had yarn in my stash that I wanted to get rid of before buying some more. So now I am composing my own. Started last night. Bad photo!